The successful story of the Freestyler family started in 2000 with the draft and production of the First Generation. Let us call it Freestyler 1 (to simplify), although it was never its real name, as nobody knew at that time, that there will be further developments under this name.

As the CNC technique was not available yet to us, the positive was made by hand, a well-known complex and tough process. ‘All you need is speed’ was the motto of the Freestyler 1 draft. The goal was quite clear – the Freestyler 1 should aim for paramount results in the upper speed level, which was confirmed in the end. The Herrig-brothers therefore straightaway won a number of F3F successes – the win at the Viking Race 2002, a double win in Hanstholm 2002 and 2nd / 3rd placed at the International DM F3F 2001/2003/2005 were one of the most important ones.

But to be fast, you have to get high. A compromise between a low resistance in the high speed flight and a low sinking is necessary. Keeping it high under real weak conditions was not always easy with the Freestyler 1. It was then, that the Freestyler 3 was going to be advanced. Its goal was to modify the slow flight and the gliding at a speed in the 50s zone without worsening the power in the sub-40 zone. Already the first flight experiences with the prototype showed, that the compromise between a low sinking and top speed were succeeded with the Freestyler 3.

It furthermore is characterized with its huge maneuverability. It is useful to also fly well at smaller slopes and is essential, when willing to win competition successes.

If also the originally ‘living space’ of the Freestyler 3 was the slope, it was quickly shown that it was also part of the optimum in the class F3B. Proven by already 4 World Champion titles by Martin and Andreas Herrig as well as a number of international successes at F3B competitions.

The advancement to Freestyler 4 with compatible items has not ended the story of success of the Freestyler 3. It was shown, that the Freestyler 3 can still be at the head in F3B at low conditions and prove its advantages. We also register a certain ‘renaissance’ of the Freestyler 3. Not as an alternative to the Freestyler 4, but as an ideal addition for certain conditions.

Despite the fact that the Freestyler is a competition product, it is not only meant for competitive sports, but also for ambitious free time pilots, who attach importance to aerodynamic achievement potential, good handling, high quality and long life time.

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